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50-52, N Warren, Pa. 16365  (814)230-9579


Welcome to Autumn!

As the days and nights cool we can look at summer as being a very pleasant one, and how fortunate we have been while much of the world sweltered and suffered flooding. 

As always, time has passed quickly as I reflect on the results of my flower and vegetable gardens after being here now for more than 4 years.  I started "from scratch" and most things have done very well.  Chunks of raw onions seem to be the trick for keeping the deer away.  It worked!  As I have said before, I love the change of seasons so that my routine changes, as well. 

Our Oct. Global Oneness will meet on the 6th, always at 6:30 PM on the first Sunday of the month.  Anyone is welcome to attend, but please let me know that you are coming.  Parking is available in front of the house and at both of the Bolinger parking lots, NOT in the driveway of the house.  We will be taking a look at The Emerald Tablet, along with a related meditation.  It was a special treat to have my oldest grandson, Stephen, attend last month and am hoping his work allows him to be here in Oct. 

We are collecting needed items for our local school students, via teacher Amy Rossman, one of our Global Oneness folks.  There is real poverty right here and often our teachers use their own money to clothe, feed and furnish other needs to their students.  I think this may be surprising to some just how needy some local kids are and how much our teachers personally do for them.  Needs include non-perishable foods for their "pantry," clothing, school supplies, personal items, and money, of course, to be used at the teachers discretion.  Our Global Oneness people continue to awe me over and over in what they do to live the concept.  It is a constant reassurance that this was a good idea that I was not so sure of in the beginning.  If you truly care about the world and LIVE it  in what you do with your time, habits and resources, you ARE making a difference.  We cannot measure this, but it is so very essential.  How about that 16 year old from Sweden, Greta Thumburg!!!  She is shaking the world with her eloquence and caring.  The New Age kids are here and I am loving it!  It also makes us, a-hem..., "old folks," look like a bunch of do-nothings.  I have said for many years that this is not an easy time to be on the earth plane, but it sure is interesting.  And, so it goes, beautiful days and beautiful people rising to the top of the heap of humanity.  What wonderful hope and real results.

Autumn blessings everyone,



(From Deceptions and Myths of the Bible by L.M. Graham)

Readings by appt.: Custom retreats, weddings, funerals, house blessings, naming ceremonies, past life regressions.

One Hour of Serenity

Readings by appt., Meditation Classes, One Hour of Serenity, Custom Retreats, Weddings, Funerals, House Blessings, Naming Ceremonies

Circle of the Soul Spiritual Order
50 N. State St., Warren, Pa. 16365
(814) 230-9579     





Circle of the Soul Spiritual Order
     and Retirement House
50 - 52 N. State St., Warren, Pa. 16365
(814) 230-9579






50-52 North State Street, North Warren, Pa.

A modest retirement apartment complex in a beautiful and yet convenient location for Spiritualist / Non-sectarian minded people to live in separate quarters and yet have a supportive network to share our abilities as we assist each other spiritually and practically while we age. This is the ONLY retirement group in the entire world specifically assigned to Spiritualists and open-minded believers. Located in a lovely setting adjacent to a wildlife conservancy and the Conewango Creek, this 1900s converted mansion is in an ideal setting a few blocks of Walmart, banking, and other conveniences. This was an opportunity that could not be passed up! (0ver)

Presently Circle of the Soul Retirement house consist of 3 apartments, the largest occupied by owner, Lynn Caufman, and 2 one bedroom apartments with room for expansion of 2 additional private living quarters. Though in fine condition, many improvements are in the making, and yes, all kinds of plans. The first is to set up an exercise area in the usable, dry basement. So, we are in need of purchasing good used equipment, anything from small weights to an exercise bike. This will be available to anyone associated with Circle of the Soul. A separate basement room is ideal for a “basement garden,” a greenhouse type lighted arrangement to grow veggies the year round. Being on a small lot, there is room for an outside garden, too, with the intention of filling the rest of the entire area with plants where never a lawn mower will be heard!

Small classes will continue as they always have: meditation, Reiki and occasional other events. Readings, regression sessions, and Circle of the Soul other offerings will also be available. Our format is altered a little in a brand new location for quality living and spiritual activities.

If you are curious or seriously interested, please give me a call to discuss details. If the 2 apartments are rented, I will maintain a waiting list of which there would be no obligation until contacted upon availability. First preference is given to Spiritualists and non-sectarians. My intent is to provide a multiple home for we who are aging and do not fit in with conventional retirement arrangements. Downsizing does not need to be downgrading. Please tell others about this great new endeavor and May the Awareness of Spirit be Yours.

Lynn Caufman (814) 230-9579






A reminder from Malcha: “If you can love all of humanity equally, you can change the world.”


The way we live our life is our offering to God.






The quality of our life is determined by how we handle our difficulties.



Circle of the Soul          50 - 52 N State St


N Warren, PA 16365        (814) 230-9579


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We are an alcohol, tobacco and drug free facility.

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