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       All Classes are by Donation     



       A 7 week course designed to build levels of trust in the "letting go" process to spiritual awareness. Also considered are physical and emotional changes occurring during this transformation. Practical uses, personal benefits, and tools of enhancement lay a solid foundation for participants to continue on their own or begin ongoing development classes. Two additional classes in meeting spirit guides and regressions are optional.



Advanced Meditation:

       A class for those who have daily meditative practice. Subjects include; what meditation is, its purpose and what it does, the meaning and importance of posture, breathing, sacred sounds, consciousness, detachment, and renunciation issues, discipline and will, true stillness and solitude, Oneness and genuine peace.

Advanced Meditation Class

This class is based on years of notes and experiences, along with the profound meditation teachings of Lama Govinda and Sai Baba.  Participants are required to have a daily meditative practice and a willingness to develop new techniques between weekly classes in order to achieve the purpose and benefits of the class.  This is for the serious minded that are seeking a full life of spiritual being.  Thanks to all who take an interest! 

A basic outline of  what will be involved is as follows:

I.      We will begin with an extensive study and discussion of meditation: what it is, what it does, the purpose and characteristics of effective meditation, why and how it works, and requirements for true enlightenment.

II.      The real meaning and importance of posture and breathing.  This will include breathing technique meditations.
III.     The meaning and power of sacred sound: Mantras, chants, chanting the name of God, and meditations related  to this.

IV.      Consciousness defined.

 V.       Ego, individuality, detachment, and renunciation:  Settling the issue once and for all.
VI.      The glory of discipline, devotion, and developing the will.

   (The above sequence will be for the development of stilling the mind.)

VII.     The next step: Stilling bodily functions Entering stillness.

VIII.    The next step: Entering solitude; the irreplaceable transforming power.
IX.      Oneness: Synchronizing with all living beings, synchronizing with all of creation, the universe, and Oneness.
X.       Peace and Plenty: Living with detachment, gratitude, and joy.




Meditation for Spiritual Development:

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Meditation as a Way of Life:

Thursdays, always check the Newsletter    




Reiki is a unique form of energy healing that is distinct in that it is instigated by attunements that amplify the energy at 3 levels. It is a relatively easy and yet sacred form of work, a widely respected gift of the universe to both the practitioner and recipient.  Participants are certified at the end of each class, so long as payment has been made in full. Balances are due the first day of each class.

Location: Circle of the Soul   www.circleofthesoul. org

50-52 N State St , N Warren, Pa. 16365  (814) 230-9579

Classes are held on demand and limited to 6 students.  A deposit of $50 holds your place on the specified dates, the remainder is due the day of the first class. $25 of deposit is refundable for up to one week before a class, there after is forfeited.  Our policy reflects our expenses and planning. Costs are as follows:

Reiki classes with Master Teacher Tyrel Zeiders are scheduled for:

Reiki Level I     $160   Sat. and Sun.  *as announced*     9-5 each day

Reiki Level II     $180   Sat. and Sun.                    

Reiki Level III     $200    none currently  - 2 full days 9AM -  5PM

Reiki Master Teacher Class     $300  none currently   - 3 full days 9AM - 5PM

Note that fees include lunch, certificate, and  printed materials.  Space is limited, so please respond as soon as possible if you wish to attend. Alternate dates will be chosen if bad weather is a factor.  Overnight accommodations, dinner and breakfast are available for $75.  If you have a certificate showing you have taken the class before, you may review with us for $40. We are so very happy to offer the opportunity to learn this gift of the universe!


Reiki Master Teacher Tyrel Zeiders is trained in the linage of Dr. Mikao Usui and has studied Reiki since 2007.  Hes been a seeker of metaphysics and spirituality for 15 years, becoming a member of the Ancient and Mystical Order of Rosea Crusis (Rosicrucians) in 2005.  Tyrel is skilled in tarot reading, as well as the southern folk traditions of Hoodoo and Rootwork that address personal issues of relationships, prosperity, and success. The genuineness and easy personality of Tyrel is a welcome asset to Circle of the Soul. 




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We are an alcohol, tobacco and drug free facility.

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