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  Long ago founder Lynn Caufman had the vision that spiritual development, when unhindered by religious confines, would allow a person to soar to unlimited heights. For those who grasp the concept, this has proven to be consistently true. It is this conception that Circle of the Soul promotes in all that takes place and the atmosphere we create.

May the Awareness of Spirit be Yours


   Location:  We are centrally located at 50-52 North State Street, Warren PA - on grounds congruent to spiritual development. Inquiries are always welcome, with no obligation. Class Outlines are available.


  We Are Not A Church:  We are not a church and require no dues, membership, or pledge of any kind. Commitment is to oneself only. We are sustained by donation with the exception of certain activities. Where there is a set fee, the amount is stated clearly at the onset and is kept as reasonable as possible. Exceptions can be made in extenuating circumstances.


We Maintain:  We maintain mailing and email lists for notifications of our activities. Let us know if you would like to be included. Also, our lending library is available to anyone.



For Those Who Care To Learn: A Textbook For Today and Tomorrow by Lynn Caufman, channeled from Malcha; is available from: the author - Amazon - Barnes and Nobles - and from the publisher, iuniverse.


We are an alcohol, tobacco and drug free facility.

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